Chilli Jam - Our Number One since Day One!

We're so proud of our original recipe Chilli Jam, still going strong after over 20 years! Our Jam uses 100% Devon-grown chillies, which all come from our tunnels straight to our kitchen on site, and are beloved by a host of celebrity chefs from Jamie Oliver to James Martin to Jane Baxter.

Available in 2 jar sizes and 3 heat levels, our award winning small-batch Jam is gluten free, veggie and vegan friendly.

You'll never need another Chilli Jam once you try South Devon Chilli Farm!

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Our small team is passionate about growing, cooking, eating and chatting all things chilli!
We love their subtle flavours as well as, of course, their fiery heat...

Our award-winning chilli goodies range from gently warming to extremely hot.
If you love chillies, or you know someone who does – you’ve come to the right place!