Meet the Team

Ben - Operations Manager

Favourite Chilli - Pimientos de Padron – because who doesn’t love tapas! So easy to fry up with oil and salt for an amazing snack.

Jenny - Director

Favourite Chilli - has to be the chilly chilli – cute name, pretty little plant, so colourful and can chuck it on absolutely anything and everything!

Nick - Fulfilment Manager

Favourite Chilli - Mini Meanie – it’s a variety unique to SDCF and looks so pretty on the plant where the fruits hang in a huge yellow canopy

Lucy - Senior Product Coordinator

Favourite Chilli - Cherry Bomb – stuff them, cook them, they’re fantastic and so versatile!

Phil - Horticultural Manager

Favourite Chilli - Carolina Reaper – the hottest chilli in the world (that we can get our hands on!), need I say more!

Izzi - Trainee Horticulturist

Favourite Chilli - I’d say any chocolate chilli variety – they’re a real challenge to germinate and grow but its so satisfying when they do, and they can be excellent croppers if you treat them with love & care

Amrit - Director

Favourite Chilli - Trinidad Scorpion, because its from Trinidad just like me.

Dave - Head Chef

Favourite Chilli - Orange Habanero – such a reliable plant and fruits with unbeatable range for cooking

Dan - Trainee Chef

Favourite Chilli - Guajillo - because it goes into some of my favourite SDCF recipes of course!

Elsa - Chocolatier

Favourite Chilli - Hungarian Hot Wax – a really attractive plant you can use at various stages of ripening and do lots with in the kitchen.

Kate - Administrator

Favourite Chilli - Being new, I am still sampling everything at the Farm and yet to decide on a firm favourite!

Andrew - Warehouse & Site Manager

Favourite Chilli - Guajillo, because they make excellent Maracas when dried!

Justin - Shop Manager

Favourite Chilli - I’d have to say Jalapeno, the namesake of my favourite SDCF sauce!

Becky - Shop Assistant

Favourite Chilli - Prairie Fire - lovely, colourful and compact; great for using to display in the Farm Shop!