“...These guys grow the best in the country” Jamie Oliver (TV chef) 

“I love to use their fresh, locally grown chillies.  The range of varieties and intensities on offer is fantastic!" Jane Baxter (TV Chef) 

“I am at the moment addicted to this, which is incredible with roast pork or bangers: South Devon Chilli Farm’s hot apple chilli jelly” Thomasina Miers (chef and co-owner of Wahaca restaurants) 

"Still the best chilli choc I have ever tasted and believe me I have sought it out and been gifted it around the world”Gillian Anderson (actress) 

“This chilli flavoured chocolate is a taste sensation. I love the honeycomb variety which is made from Devon grown chillies, dark Belgian choc and chunks of sweet honeycomb. A really grown-up chocolate.”Gregg Wallace (of Masterchef fame) 


In the last year we have appeared on the James Martin show, where James cooked with our chillies.

Susan Calman has also paid us a visit on her Grand Day Out to pot on some Carolina Reapers and try our chilli sauces.