Plant Nursery

Chilli Seedlings and Plants For Sale (usually mid-March to October)

Our high-tech, double skin polytunnel which is home to our chilli seedlings and plants. The two layers of plastic are kept apart with inflation via an air fan and this helps to maintain a good temperature within the tunnel. We start planting seeds in here in January, with the aid of heating cables, fleece and a back-up heater to ward off any frosty weather and have plants ready to plant in the ground during April.

Our Nursery shop:

Plant Nursery

When the seedlings are big enough we open up the nursery and you can come in and choose from a wide selection of chilli varieties. This is usually at the middle to the end of March - just in time for the start of the Easter school holidays. In the summer months, we sell mature chilli plants with ripe fruits - just the right size to go on a windowsill.

Our huge selection of chilli plants ranges from the household names to the weird & wonderful. We offer culinary varieties, ornamentals with beautiful flowers & leaves & of course the super hots! All are edible and all supplied with growing instructions from our horticultural experts in the nursery!

Depending on the time of year, choose from plug plants to pot on at home or repotted plants in 1 litre pots to grow on indoors or outdoors yourself. As the season progresses, we have mature chilli plants laden with fruits available.

Mature chilli plants in our nursery shop from mid-summer until autumn:

Chilli Plants in Nursery Shop


Chilli plants being irrigated with our misters:

Chilli Plants

You don't need a greenhouse to grow chillies as they are quite happy to grow as a houseplant as long as you have a sunny windowsill - they are also happy outside on a sheltered patio during the warmer summer months.

We try to suit all tastes and grow the full range of heat levels from heatless, mild, medium, hot, very hot and extremely hot! Check out our Online Shop to see an example of the types we sell; although we usually have a larger selection available at the farm. If you are looking for a particular variety, please telephone (01548 550782) before you visit to make sure we have that variety and that it is in stock - we will be happy to reserve it for you.

When the soil has warmed up sufficiently, we start moving chilli plants down the path to our crop tunnels and the Show Tunnel and start planting them in the ground; usually at the end of April.

Well behaved dogs on leads welcome.