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Kashmiri 1 Litre pot plant

Kashmiri 1 Litre pot plant

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Kashmiri chillies have a deep red colour and a mild heat that is highly prized. They are usually dried when red. From dried, soak in hot water and puree, or finely chop or grind with other spices to make an authentic curry paste.

Mail-order chilli pot plants. Each plant is sent in its own box to keep it safe in the post and is shipped with full care instructions.


The plant varieties available will change throughout the season. Plants are sent in 1Ltr (13cm) pots.

Pre-ordered plants are shipped out as soon as the plants are mature enough and have a root ball which is strong enough to cope with the shipping process.

Growers Guide

Harvest: Pick either green or ripe.

Heat: 1,000 - 2,000 Scoville Heat Units.

Size: 1m high, fruits up to 10cm ripening from green to red.

We provide information about different chilli varieties in several places on our website including our Chilli Seeds section, our 'Which Chilli Plant?' guide and our Chilli Plant Descriptions page.

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Customer Reviews

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Ben Uncles
Wow - fantastic

I tried the Kashmiri seeds and had no luck 🙃 😞

So tried two of these 1 litre pots . . .

Have included an unpacking and today photo . . . (they just outgrew my mini greenhouse), and they are both .95m high.

Photo doesn't do justice as multiple pre-flowers showing.

Had lots of problems with whitefly, but ordered SB Plant Invigorator with it, and getting to grips with them now.

Also had Chilli Pepper Focus as part of the order, and I have no comparison, but absolutely convinced it made a big difference thumbs 👍

Really pleased with these plants and looking forward to seeing what they can produce / harvest . . .

They will be dried and used as Kashmiri chilli powder to complement my home made curries 🙂

Many thanks SDCF 🫡

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