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Fresh Big Jim (Hatch) Chillies (2 fruits)

Fresh Big Jim (Hatch) Chillies (2 fruits)

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Availability: July-Oct

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An extra large, medium-heat, American/New Mexican chilli - also know as the Hatch or New Mexico pepper. Grown in the heart of the Rio Grande (Hatch Valley) region, New Mexico, Big Jim's are traditionally used green with the skin removed. They are typically stuffed and battered or widely used in chiles rellenos & salsas. 


Amount: minimum 8 fruits (but will vary throughout the season).

Colour: green

Flavour: nutty

Heat: 500 to 2,500 SHUs


Fresh chillies keep for a couple of weeks in the fridge. All chillies freeze well and slicing and pickling is another way to preserve chillies.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tim Cornwell
Green chile sauce in England

I made a New Mexico style green chilli sauce using roasted Anaheim chillis and a garlic/onion base. Delicious! I lived in New Mexico for 25 years and was especially pleased to have the aroma of roasted chillis in the house. Next year we will try growing our own in the greenhouse from SDCF seedlings. The picture shows the sauce we made.

David Burns

So nice to find hatch chilli's in the UK, roasted and used in the best Chili Verde I have made in a long time

Richard Tatz
Big Jims

Love the Big Jims! Having lived in New Mexico in the past I developed a love for these. I've also grown the Sandia variety which is hotter and not quite as large. Roasted and peeled then made into stew/sauce with pork loin, garlic, onions and a few potatoes it can be used on many different dishes. Smother a burrito!!!

Excellent as usual

Deliveed on time.
Great taste...I cooked them stuffed with cheeses and mash

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