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Fresh Poblano Chillies (2 fruits)

Fresh Poblano Chillies (2 fruits)

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Availability: July-Oct

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A large broad pepper tapering to a point, up to 6 inches long with a mild heat. Revered for its quality as a stuffing pepper. Stuff it with meat, cheese, rice or vegetables then bake them. Very popular in the USA and Mexico. Traditionally cooked green.


Amount: minimum 2 fruits (but will vary throughout the season).

Poblano chillies are very mild chillies that can be skinned and stuffed with a filling of your choice, covered in an egg and flour batter and then shallow fried. For the filling you could use cheese or a herby minced meat mixture to make a Mexican dish known as "Rellenos".

Colour: green

Flavour: like a pepper & pod-pea.

Heat: 1,000 to 2,000 SHUs


Fresh chillies keep for a couple of weeks in the fridge. All chillies freeze well and slicing and pickling is another way to preserve chillies.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Susana Blowfield
Soooo fresh

The chiles arrived on time and they are super fresh and good size too!
Wish I could order more to avoid extra packaging.

Karen Mc
My annual treat

Your poblanos are beautiful and worthy of my memories of California poblanos. Big, tasty, perfect! I wish they were available year round!

Jocelyn Abbey
An essential Mexican ingredient

So many authentic Mexican recipes require fresh poblano chiles and it was a joy to find a British supplier of this essential ingredient. My poblanos arrived in perfect condition - dark green and glossy. Keep on growing!

Ashley Fierstadt
Chilli relleno perfection

I decided to brave making chilli relleno from scratch...and while it didn't come out perfectly (practice will make perfect), The poblanos tasted delicious and fresh. I froze the spare two I ordered and will try making chilli rellenos again :))

Nick Glynn
Fantastic Pablano chillies

Wonderful pablanos, arrived in pristine condition, fantastic taste.

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