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Dried Ancho Chillies (Ancho Poblano) (Imported)

Dried Ancho Chillies (Ancho Poblano) (Imported)

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The Ancho Chilli (a.k.a Ancho Poblano) is a very popular, mild Mexican chilli.

These are Poblano fruits that are dried once ripened to a full red colour. This chilli is widely used in Mexican cooking to make mild and fruity flavoured sauces (mole). The dried fruits are about 2.5" wide and 4" long and heart-shaped.

A similar chilli is the Mulato Chilli which is a Poblano that has ripened even more and have turned from red to brown and then dried.


Contents: 100g bag - approximately 6 chillies. Heat: 2/10. Must be cooked before eating.

The Ancho Chilli should not be confused with the Mulato Chilli. And sometimes the term 'Ancho Mulato' is used which is technically incorrect and can be confusing. Both the Ancho and Mulato Chillies are dried forms of the Poblano Chilli. The Ancho version is made when the fruits are ripened to a red colour whereas the Mulato version is made when the fruits have ripened further more than red and have turned a chocolaty brown colour.


Store in a cool, dry place.

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Joseph Potter

I was originally given these as a gift, the fact I've come back urgently to buy more should speak for itself. Full of flavour, with a big raisin like sweetness to complement their mild heat. I've used these in several recipes and they always draw compliments.

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