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SDCF Show Tunnel Chilli Seed Mix 2 (50,000 SHUs and above)

SDCF Show Tunnel Chilli Seed Mix 2 (50,000 SHUs and above)

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If you've ever visited our Farm and walked through our famous Show Tunnel, you will have been struck by the sheer number of chilli varieties that we grow!

Here is your chance to grow up to 20 of these varieties, with this specially curated SDCF Show Tunnel Mix 2.

We've carefully gathered this seed mix from the plants in our Show Tunnel, harvesting from parent plants that range from about 50,000 SHUs all the way up to over 1,000,000 SHUs. Of course, our Show Tunnel is not netted or segregated, so cross pollination of our plants occurs all season long - meaning endless combinations are possible and you could end up with something brand new, unique and exciting in your pack!

This mix includes parent plants of the following varieties: Aji Crystal, Aji Limon, Aji Mango, Apache, Arizona, Calico, Chocolate Bhut Jolokia, Chocolate Habanero, Cuban Black, Demon Red, Explosive Ember, Golden Nugget, Kashmiri, Long Slim Cayenne, Masquerade, Mini Meanie, Orange Habanero, Paper Lantern, Piri Piri, Prairie Fire, Purple Flash, Purple Peach Habanero, Red Hot Dagger, Super, Thai Hot, Tepin, Twilight and Xmas.

Heat level: from about 50,000 to over 1,000,000 SHUs. Learn about Scoville Heat Units (SHUs) here.

Capsicum spp.


An average of 20 seeds per packet. Since this is a mixed variety pack of seeds, we cannot guarantee that you will get any particular variety listed above. Please treat this seed pack as a lucky dip.

Growers Guide

Please find our chilli growing instructions here. Note: not for commercial crop production.


Store in a cool, dry place.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ali Mackenzie
Great chilli seeds

A couple of months into my chilli planting. 27 of 40 seeds germinated all all grew into decent plants (had to trade a few for tomatoes/pots). Looking forward to working out what they all are!! (Photo is just a few of the plants).

Mark W
SDCF show tunnel mix No2

Fast delivery, great instructions. I’m saving half of the seeds for next year as previous multi packs of SDCF seeds stored well and grew well.
I’m now looking forward to late summer and a heat wave.


Received order very quickly, looks good, too early to tell about successful germination

Christopher Rees
Disappointed this time

Unfortunately only 9 from 20 seed’s germinated, this time last year had a 95% germination success from your seeds. These having been planted 2 weeks ago. All planted in Westland No.1 seedling compost.

Mark McCarthy
SDCF show tunnel chilli mix

Very prompt service and delivery. Very well packaged. My first order from SDCF . Will definitely be ordering again 🙂

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